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Découvrez les merveilles de l'huile essentielle de lavande fine

Discover the Wonders of Bleu Lavande's Fine Lavender Essential Oil

Discover the soothing benefits of Bleu Lavande's fine lavender essential oil, perfect for relaxation and skin care. An oil that provides an exceptional sensory experience for the body and mind.
7 conseils pour tailler votre lavande à l’automne

7 Tips for Pruning Your Lavender in the Fall

Fall is the ideal time to care for your lavender plants and prepare them for the cold season. Proper pruning is essential to keep your lavender healthy, vigorous, and full of life! In this article,...
La lavande, une solution efficace contre les poux!

Lavender, an effective solution against lice!

While head lice are relatively harmless from a medical standpoint, their presence can cause intense itching and daily concerns. Fortunately, there are methods that can help you prevent these unwelc...
La lavande : une plante aux multiples vertus

Lavender: A Plant of Multiple Virtues

Lavender has long been appreciated for its pleasant sent and therapeutic properties. Originating from the Mediterranean region, lavender has been used for centuries for its numerous health benefits.
Faire pousser la lavande, à la maison!

Growing Lavender… at Home!

Looking for some tips to help you grow lavender at home? Look no further! The Bleu Lavande team has collected here some of its best advice to help you care for this wonderful flowering plant.
Comment faire sécher sa lavande

Tips for Drying Lavender

If you are growing lavender in your home garden, mid-July to early August is the time to harvest and dry those wonderful mauve flowers and start thinking about how to make the best use of them arou...
Le cycle de vie de la lavande en quatre temps

The Lavender Life Cycle – June to September

When is the right time to come see the fields in bloom…? To harvest and dry lavender flowers…? To trim lavender bushes before winter?
Nos conseils pour de la belle lavande dans  vos platebandes ornementales

Tips for Adding Pretty Touches of Lavender to Your Flower Beds

What do you need to grow lavender? You probably already have it! Lavender thrives in full sun. Ensure it gets at least six hours of direct sun a day in a spot where the soil stays dry...