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Guide-cadeaux : Professeurs et personnels de soutien

Gift Guide for Teachers and Support Staff

To show your appreciation for teachers and support staff, here are seven gift set ideas from Bleu Lavande, all under $35.
Guide-cadeaux pour la fête des Mères

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Stuck on gift ideas to celebrate your mom? This year, why not give her gifts that will allow her to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the soothing benefits of lavender?
Guide-cadeaux pour la Saint-Valentin

Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Want to change things up from the traditional box of chocolates this year? Get inspired by our gift ideas composed of healthy and natural ingredients.
De points BLEU à récompenses : Bienvenue dans le Club!

From BLEU points to rewards: Welcome to the Club!

Discover our loyalty program designed to reward our devoted customers. Welcome to the Lavender Lovers Club, where accumulating BLEU points transforms into a rewarding shopping experience, filled wi...
6 suggestions de cadeaux parfaits pour vos hôtes aux fêtes

Five Perfect Gift Ideas for Those Hosting for the Holidays

Anyone hosting family and friends for the holidays deserves a gift. So, what could you offer them for all the time and care they put into preparing that festive holiday get-together?
Emballer vos cadeaux de façon écolo

Wrapping your gifts in an eco-friendly way

The wrapping of Christmas gifts is, for many, a highly anticipated moment every year. However, many traditional wrappings, like shiny wrapping paper and plastic ribbons, aren't particularly environ...
Des idées de cadeaux à 25$ et moins

Gift ideas at $25 and under

You don't have to spend a lot to give delightful gifts! Here are some suggestions for gift ideas at $25 or less!
6 idées cadeaux apaisantes pour chouchouter une personne stressée

Six Soothing Gift Ideas to Pamper a Stressed-Out Soul

Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Even the most stressed-out souls find its fragrance soothing. Here are some gift ideas for any of your loved ones who might need a ha...