Towards a greener future

Respect for nature and biodiversity is an integral part of our company's values. We are already a socially responsible company, but we want to go further.

Our commitments now revolve around three pillars: the Quality of our products, Human aspects, and the Environment. Our dedication to these three pillars guides our daily actions.
Produits Bleu Lavande de qualité et propres


The Quality of Our Products

We are committed to providing quality and clean products. This means investing in research and development to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our products. We also pledge to combat misinformation and promote transparency regarding the composition of our products to ensure customer satisfaction.

L'humain, un pilier de Bleu Lavande


The Human Aspect

Our commitment to the individuals who are part of our company is paramount. We believe in social progress for our collaborators and aim to create inclusive and sustainable workspaces. This is reflected in initiatives to enhance the well-being of our employees, promote diversity and equal opportunities, and encourage professional and personal development.

Bleu Lavande est fermement engagée envers la protection de l'environnement et de la biodiversité


The Environment

We are firmly committed to environmental protection and biodiversity. This is reflected in concrete actions such as the preservation of pollinators, responsible water management, the naturalness and biodegradability of our products, reducing our carbon footprint, and more. We are working to minimize our impact on the planet in line with our environmental values.

Together, we have avoided the use of 1.6 million single-use plastic bottles, so far!

For a cleaner planet and a greener future

Sustainable Development Policy

When you choose Bleu Lavande, you are selecting a company committed to protecting our planet by offering quality and clean lavender products and an agrotourism site that respects ecosystems. We take pride in implementing a Sustainable Development Policy  that guides our daily actions, along with a sustainability committee that supports the company in integrating sustainable development principles to enhance its financial, social, and environmental performance. Our committee's mission is to identify areas for improvement, propose solutions, and ensure their implementation. Our sustainable development policy reflects our commitment to a cleaner planet and a greener future.

By the year 2023

Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Bleu Lavande has also signed the Sustainable Tourism Pledge by 2030 to demonstrate its commitment to improving the performance of its organization and activities in sustainable development by 2030.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as "[...] tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities."

Bleu Lavande is Silver certified by GreenStep Sustainable Tourism
Bleu Lavande est certifiée par Tourisme durable Québec