Sustainable Development Policy of Bleu Lavande


About us

The story of Bleu Lavande began with the dream of seeing a blue flower with exceptional virtues grow in Quebec. Lavandula Angustifolia would inspire the very first lavender grove in America enjoying a microclimate in the heart of a hilly region of rare beauty in the Eastern Townships. This place of culture with incomparable attractions offers a unique sensory scented experienceto the delight of thousands of passionate visitors.

Eager to protect the environment and promote well-being, Bleu Lavande is committed to an eco-responsible approach, as evidenced by this policy.

Scope of the policy

As Bleu Lavande is both a responsible corporate citizen and an actor of change in its community and sector of activity, the application of this policy will be extended to the entire company, its staff, shareholders and suppliers.

Our commitments to sustainable development

To do this, Bleu Lavande is committed to:

  • Implement a revised sustainable development action plan every two years;
    • Structure the sustainable development approach and communicate actions to raise awareness and promote by:
    • Publishing an annual update on the progress of the action plan on the issues addressed by this policy.
  • Improve waste sorting performance by:
    • Training all its employees on the proper management of residual materials;
    • Improving display;
    • Raising awareness, informing and accompanying customers in this regard.
  • Improve the environmental responsibility of procurement by:
    • Establishing a list of environmental and social criteria to be respected when making purchases;
    • Looking for local alternatives to foreign purchases.
  • Promote the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by:
    • Installing two charging stations for electric vehicles;
    • Carrying out an inventory of the company's GHG emissions.
  • Promote staff well-being by:
    • Developing a feedback system for seasonal employees;
    • Offering innovative benefits.
  • Promote the protection of biodiversity by:
    • Attracting beneficial species through appropriate facilities;
    • Planting native plant species and limiting lawn mowing in certain areas;
    • Offeringfree lavender plants to its many partners.


The management of Bleu Lavande is responsible for the content, adoption and implementation of this Policy. It is also responsible for transmitting the information necessary for its application to all its stakeholders (staff, customers, etc.).

Adherence to the policy

Management ensures Bleu Lavande's commitment to applying the principles of the Sustainable Development Policy in all of the company's activities. The Policy is expected to come into force as soon as it is adopted.