Champs de lavande Bleu Lavande en fleurs


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Book a massage in the great outdoors, under a lovely breezy shelter, designed to protect your privacy. A moment of perfect happiness, transported by the fragrances from the lavender fields (when in bloom), with a refreshing energy and professional treatments provided by certified massage therapists.

Important informations

Massage therapy services are offered from June 29 to August 25, 2024, from Wednesday to Sunday. Your admission to the lavender farm is necessary to get to our Relaxation Area. Please note that during the Blues Evenings, there will be time slots available for massages until 8:30 PM (online reservation only).

Admission is not included in the price of your massage. Get your admission through our online ticketing or on-site.

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Massage de pieds chez Bleu Lavande dans les champs de lavande

Foot reflexology and foot bath

Reflexology and foot massage both promote relaxation, prevent stress, and stimulate self-regulatory functions. Starting with a foot bath, this treatment is related to acupressure. Reflexology targets physiological or emotional problems by using specific points on the foot.

Duration: 25 min | Price: $44

All reservations must be made online or at

Please note that individuals with reduced mobility can receive adapted massages based on their disability. Prior verification should be done by email at: