Bougie de soya florale lavande et magnolia
Chandelle de soya florale lavande-magnolia

Lavender-magnolia soy candle

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Natural origin ingredients

Not tested on animals

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Lavender-magnolia soy candle

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Lavender and magnolia soy candle - 283 g

  • Ecological soy wax seed base
  • Lead-free cotton wick
  • Made with lavender essential oil 
  • Approximately 50 hours of burn time
  • Great throw: it effectively diffuses its fragrance into the surrounding space
  • Created in collaboration with Luza, a company from the Eastern Townships specializing in the production of eco-friendly candles

The lavender and magnolia soy candle evokes a soft and refined atmosphere, imbued with delicacy and serenity. Its fragrance blends the calming notes of lavender with the delightful floral scent of magnolia, creating a dynamic and balanced olfactory bouquet. 

When lit, it emits an enchanting aroma that fills the space with a relaxing and elegant aura. This candle is perfect for creating a warm and soothing ambiance in any space, whether to unwind after a long day or to add a touch of luxury and tranquility to a special occasion.

Soy wax is environmentally friendly and free from petroleum derivatives. Enjoy the calming benefits of lavender essential oil and treat yourself to a gentle moment of relaxation.

Our essence

Our promise to lavender lovers

Les produits de Bleu Lavande sont toujours formulés avec des ingrédients d'origine naturelle

Natural origin ingredients

Les produits de Bleu Lavande ne contiennent pas d'ingrédients nocifs, tels que des parabens, peg, sulfates, parfum artificiel ou colorant artificiel.

No toxic ingredients

Les produits de Bleu Lavande sont certifiés sans cruauté par PETA.

Not tested on animals

L'huile essentielle de lavande fine de Bleu Lavande est certifiée ISO 3515 : pureté et qualité

A guarantee of purity and quality

Tous les produits de Bleu Lavande sont formulés avec des ingrédients d'origine naturelle.Les produits de Bleu Lavande sont formulés avec des ingrédients sains, d'origine naturelle.

Beneficial effects

Our natural origin ingredients

Every one of our products follow the same rule: they all contain invaluable substances that come from nature. We select these extracts for the natural beneficial effects they have on the entire body. Each plant extract contains active ingredients that play a specific role. The combination of several extracts allows each of their actions to be optimized.

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