Découvrez le processus de fabrication des savons artisanaux Bleu Lavande

Discover the process of making Bleu Lavande artisanal soaps.

Discover the artisanal process of making Bleu Lavande soaps, from selecting and mixing natural oils to molding, cutting, and a 30-day drying period, ensuring high-quality products for sale.

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Have you ever wondered how we create our wonderful artisanal soaps in our workshop in Magog? Well, keep reading this blog because we are excited to reveal our manufacturing process!

Mixing the Vegetable Oils

Our soap makers carefully select the fats for their properties. Olive oil is used for hydration and hardness of the soaps, coconut oil for the formation of large, fluffy bubbles, and castor oil to ensure softness. Then, demineralized water diluted with sodium hydroxide is added to the oils.

Once the mixture is complete, the trace gradually appears, indicating that saponification is beginning. Saponification is the process of producing soap from a fat (oils, etc.) and a caustic alkali (soda or potash).

Weighing the Mixture of Vegetable Oils

To produce high-quality soaps signed Bleu Lavande, our soap makers precisely weigh all the components of the mixture. The balance must be perfect and precise to ensure saponification.

Mixing Essential Oils with Vegetable Oils

Essential oils define the characteristics of Bleu Lavande artisanal soaps. While all our soaps contain true lavender essential oil, our soap makers like to add natural ingredients to create different soaps with varied notes.

Molding the Soap

The molds our soap makers use are meticulously and precisely handmade by our artisans. A waxed film is installed to facilitate demolding. Once the mixture is poured, a plastic film is fixed, and the lid is placed. The molds are then stacked on shelves for 48 hours.

Cutting the Soap

After the 48-hour rest period, our soap makers unmold the soap blocks to place them in the cutter. Its clean cut allows for beautiful soaps of similar size, weight, and shape. They are then placed on shelves and transferred to the dryer.

30-Day Drying Period

A long drying period at ambient air is necessary to ensure the natural hardening of the soap without any synthetic additives. The curing process invariably lasts 30 days. At the end of the drying period, the soaps are packaged in Bleu Lavande boxes.

Packaging the Soaps for Sale

After all these steps, our soaps are ready to be packaged and sold in our beautiful shop as well as in our points of sale!

Visit the Bleu Lavande site to see our soap makers in action!

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