Pour la Saint-Valentin

For Valentine's Day



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The Gourmet duo gift set
Sale price$41.33
Shower & bath gift set
Sale price$57.00
Lavender-hemp trio gift set
Sale price$52.25
Sold out
Massage kit
Massage kit
Sale price$42.75
Good night gift set
Sale price$30.88
Dried Lavender bouquet
Sale price$13.30
Sold out
Soy candleSoy candle
Soy candle
Sale price$12.29 Regular price$16.39
Casa essential oil diffuser
Sale price$90.25 Regular price$110.20
Lavender essential oil
Sale priceFrom $15.68 Regular price$20.90
True lavender essential oil roll-on applicator
Sale price$8.20 Regular price$10.93
Lavender lip conditioner
Sale price$6.06 Regular price$8.08
Massage Oil
Sale price$13.19 Regular price$17.58
Dream mist (room spray)
Sale price$15.68 Regular price$20.90
Eucalyptus essential oil
Sale price$13.06
Cleansing shower milk
Sale price$23.04
Bath milk
Sale price$24.94
Lavender foaming bath
Sale priceFrom $4.64 Regular price$6.18
Lavender chocolate
Sale price$8.08
Creamy lavender honey
Sale price$11.40
Calm soy candle
Sale price$18.53

Premium wellness products

At Bleu Lavande, we are a team of lavender essential oil lovers. Since 2004, we deliver its therapeutic benefits through a unique, and premium range of health, body care, home and pet products that inspire everyday wellbeing. We take pride in the utmost quality and naturality of our products. We love lavender so much that we even grow it!

Brindilles de lavande sur un fond blanc

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