Détersif à lessive concentré

Laundry detergent concentrate

11.99 $ CAD
  • 2X more concentrated for up to 38 loads 
  • Biodegradable - eco-friendly - hypoallergenic - chlorides and phosphates free 
  • 88.7% natural origin ingredients

Thanks to its purifying lavender properties, this laundry detergent  concentrate will brighten brights and whiten whites. It gently cleans while removing stubborn stains to give your laundry a new lavender-scented lease on life. Biodegradable and free of chlorides and phosphates.


This detergent is 2X more concentrated than standard detergents; use only 25 ml for normal loads or 50 ml for large loads. For though stains, pour a small quantity directly onto the stain, rub and leave to work. Efficient in cold water. Suitable for all types of washing machines.


Well-being is at the heart of who we are and using natural, healthy and responsible ingredients is always a priority. Because we’re constantly innovating, many of our products are currently being reformulated in order to meet an even higher standard of purity and quality.

Our products do not contain parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances or DEA.

For more information on the ingredients of one of our products, we invite you to refer to the label.

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