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Introduction to Mindful Breathwork

In the face of constant stimuli from our outer environment, bringing our mind to focus on our inner environment requires a bit of effort. Using mindful breathwork taps into our senses and our physical body and helps us truly be in the moment and make friends with our breath. This helps regulate our autonomic nervous system and helps us connect with our life energy.

July 28, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
In the room created by Moment Factory
25$ / person 

Bring your yoga mat, meditation cushion, jacket and water bottles.


Marie-Andrée Viens is a certified facilitator and guide who uses the alternative holistic Essence du Souffle approach which she teaches others. This approach uses energy work to calm the nervous system and to stir and unleash the power of breathwork. She has worked in the field of wellness for over 25 years.

Brindilles de lavande sur un fond blanc

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