Le cycle de vie de la lavande en quatre temps

The Lavender Life Cycle – June to September

When is the right time to come see the fields in bloom…? To harvest and dry lavender flowers…? To trim lavender bushes before winter?

When is the right time to come see the fields in bloom…? To harvest and dry lavender flowers…? To trim lavender bushes before winter?

Mother Nature always has her share of mystery so there’s no exact date for these things. Following lavender's life cycle is about keeping watch on how its growing and staying in sync with what each summer season has in store.

And isn’t that just the beauty of working with living things?

June – Initial Flowering

A lavender plant’s first flower buds usually make their appearance just before the official start of summer and flowers start emerging by the end of June. So you can expect to spot little splashes of mauve here and there starting mid-June, and you can expect to see a whole lot more in the weeks that follow.

July – Fields Abloom!

Lavender flowers reach their peak in July and the fields stay abloom for a number of weeks. This is the perfect time to come and enjoy a delightfully multisensory experience at Bleu Lavande (why not plan a photo shoot too?)

The sun is out and the warm air becomes delightfully infused with the soothing scent of lavender. Walking through our fields becomes a relaxing and exotic journey. Visit once, twice, three times and enjoy a different experience each time as every lavender bush blooms and shares its perfume on its very own schedule in tune with its connection with Mother Nature.

August – The Season of Dried Lavender Bouquets

August is the time to start harvesting your homegrown lavender before it loses any of its glory. If you’re thinking of drying flowers to make small bouquets, remember to harvest earlier rather than later. Harvesting lavender flowers just before they reach their peak makes for the prettiest bouquets once they’ve dried.

The Bleu Lavande farm is harvesting a small section of our fields right now so we can sell bouquets of fresh lavender from our boutique in Magog until the end of August.

We’ve also planned some calm and meditative activities to mark the last few weeks of the summer. Breathing in and breathing out never smelled so wonderful.

View our calendar of activities.

September - The preparation

Once harvesting is over, September is time to trim the lavender plants to prepare them for winter and ready them for the spring. Later, the snow will fall and protect the plants while they lay dormant over the winter season, just waiting for the spring to set the cycle in motion again.

Gladly, lavender can stay part of your everyday all year round thanks to our many lavender products. Enjoy everything it has to offer with soaps, creams, household products, and more.

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Brindilles de lavande sur un fond blanc

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