Ensemble lavande parfumée / Lavender perfume gift set

Lavender perfume gift set

47.50 $ CAD

This set contains :  

  • A lavender essential oil 15 ml 
  • A room scent 120 ml 
  • A lavender linen water 60 ml 
  • A lavender scented pouch 20 g 

The Lavender perfume gift set set contains a lavender essential oil 15 ml, a lavender linen water 60 ml, a lavender and geranium room spray 120 ml and a scented pouch 20 g. 

A few drops of lavender essential oil has many properties for body and mind. Lavender essential oil is gentle enough to be applied directly on the skin and is commonly used by massage therapists and naturopaths. Also, lavender essential oil provides beneficial properties for dry and sensitive skin, has soothing properties that help reduce stress and has calming effects that help induce sleep. 

An irresistible blend of heady lavender and subtle geranium… together, they’re a perfect combination that you’ll swear was “heaven scent!” Let it waft through the rooms of your house, revitalizing your bedding and closets. 

Lavender linen water, which does not stain, deters mites and leaves your laundry smelling of the subtle hint of lavender. Imagine your clothing, bedding and home all imbued with the irrestible scent of lavender. 

Each printed pouch contains about 20 grams of dried lavender flowers. It gives off a pleasant scent and has many uses. Created exclusively for Bleu Lavande, the pouches offer a simple way to spread the sweet smell of lavender. Whenever you need a refreshing whiff, a soft squeeze of the dried flowers will release their captivating scent.


Spray as needed to eliminate bad odours and to freshen every room. Spray it on your mattress, sheets, bed clothes, pillows, drapes, carpets or around the interior of your car. You can also spray your towels after you take them out of the dryer. 

The printed pouch can be kept in your closet or your drawers to perfume your clothes. You can put it into the pockets of hanging clothes or just use it as a decoration. 

Lavender essential oil : 

  • Apply 3 to 6 drops on a pillow once a day to promote sleep. 
  • Mix 3 to 6 drops of oil in a diffuser to create a soothing lavender fragrance. 
  • Massage 1 to 3 drops behind the ears up to 3 times a day to promote relaxation and help reduce stress. 
  • Massage 3 to 6 drops on the solar plexus once a day to help decongest. 
  • Massage 1 to 3 drops on the temples once a day to help relieve headaches. 
  • Dilute 1 to 3 drops with vegetable oil to use as a massage oil to help relieve muscle pain. 
  • Apply up to 3 times a day.

Please refer to the ingredient list for each product of this gift set.

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