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Bleu extasy gift set

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A $175 value ($75 in savings)

  • Lavender essential oil 15 ml 
  • Lavender intense gel  50 ml 
  • Lavender body butter 160 ml 
  • Lavender cleansing milk 250 ml 
  • Lavender shower gel 250 ml 
  • Lavender shower and bath oil 250 ml 
  • Lavender shampoo 250 ml 
  • Lavender and soy candle 
  • Lavender linen water 500 ml 
  • Lavender scented pouch 20 g

 Pamper your whole body with lavender fragrance for pure relaxation and wellness all day long! A few drops of lavender essential oil has many properties for body and mind. 

Lavender essential oil is gentle enough to be applied directly on an adult skin and is commonly used by massage therapists and naturopaths. The aroma of this intense helps relax. 

When applied directly on the skin, the gel will procure a simultaneous sensation of warmth and cold that will vivify and soothe dry skin. Made for dry skin or very dry skin, this body butter is made of 99.5% natural ingredients. 

Enriched with shea butter and true lavender essential oil, this refreshing body butter nourishes, soothes and moisturizes dry skin.

This cleansing milk gently cleanses the face, eyes and neck with the revitalizing and soothing properties of sea lavender and honey.

This shower gel gently cleanses, moisturizes, softens and revitalizes the skin. Gentle cleansing shower oil that can be used in the bath and in the shower. A silky texture that will sooth, leaving a moisturizing protection on dry or very dry skin that will last throughout the day. 

The moisturizing formula in the 2-in-1 shampoo gently cleans and conditions, helps to repair damaged hair and restores its shine, softness and volume.

The sweet scent of soy and lavender candle refreshes the interior of your home, leaving you feeling relaxed, thanks to its main ingredient, True Lavender essential oil.

Lavender linen water, which does not stain, leaves your laundry smelling of the subtle hint of lavender.the pouches offer a simple way to spread the sweet smell of lavender.


Please refer to the usage details for each product of this gift set.


Please refer to the ingredient list for each product of this gift set.

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