Ensemble bain et douche lavande, orange et citron / Lavender-orange-lemon bath & shower gift set

Lavender-orange-lemon bath & shower gift set

59.00 $ CAD

This set contains:  

  • A lavender, orange and lemon body milk 250 ml 
  • A lavender, orange and lemon shower gel 250 ml 
  • A lavender, orange and lemon foaming bath 250 ml 
  • A lavender, orange and lemon artisanal soap 165 g 

This gift set is perfect for lavender and citrus lovers. The hydrating elements incorporated in this rich body milk will restore the skin’s natural tone and suppleness. 

This body cream is contributing as an invigorating, moisturizer and free radicals protector. 

As for the shower gel, the lavender, orange and lemon essential oils gently clean, purifies and revitalizes the skin. Its vitamine E microbeads will also nourish the skin. 

The foaming bath combines the calming benefits of lavender and the invigorating properties of citrus to soften and refresh the skin. The gentle formula perfumes the skin with a delicate citrus scent while revitalizing body and mind. 

Finally, the lavender, orange and lemon artisanal soap is a heady blend of lavender, orange and lemon essential oils – a real treat for the senses! This handmade soap is made with true lavender essential oil and 70% of olive oil. Made in Quebec ! 

Lavender-orange-lemon bath and shower gift set value of $62.50.


Lavender, orange and lemon body milk  

Apply a small quantity of the body milk onto clean skin and massage gently in a circular motion. 

Lavender, orange and lemon shower gel 

Place a small amount of this shower gel in the palm of your hands or on a wash cloth. This shower gel foams upon contact with water for a gentle cleansing. 

Lavender, orange and lemon foaming bath 

When you’re running a bath, pour approximately 15 ml (1 tablespoon) into the water. 

Lavender, orange and lemon artisanal soap 

Lather soap with a little water and rub it on the body for a gentle cleansing.To make the soap last as long as possible, always keep it in a soap dish with drain holes


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