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Zen gift set

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This set includes:

  • True lavender essential oil roll-on applicator - 9.5 ml
  • Lavender linen water - 60 ml
  • Dream mist | Room spray - 60 ml
  • Intense gel - 50 ml
True lavender essential oil roll-on applicator - 9.5 ml
A precious potion made of true lavender essential oil that offers a soothing sensation to the body, mind and soul. Practical format for the handbag.

Lavender linen water - 60 ml
Leaves laundry, sheets and other fabrics with a natural scent of lavender creating a soothing atmosphere, almost as if you are taking a magical stroll in our lavender fields. Enriched with lavender essential oil.

Dream mist | Room spray - 60 ml
Creates a relaxing ritual before bedtime by letting the irresistible blend or lavender and chamomile essential oils breeze through your bedroom.

Intense gel - 50 ml
Creates a simultaneous sensation of warmth and cold that energizes and soothes all at once. Helps relieve the discomfort associated with tired legs and dry skin. Enriched with true lavender, camphor, cypress and juniper essential oils, as well as natural mint extracts.
True lavender essential oil roll-on applicator - 9.5 ml
Apply essential oil to temples, wrists or behind the ears with the help of the roll-on applicator to calm the mind and help release tensions. Massage on the solar plexus and wrists to create a relaxing sensation before bedtime.

Lavender linen water - 60 ml
Spray it on your mattress, sheets, bed clothes, pillows, drapes, carpets or around the interior of your car at a distance of 40 cm or more. You can also spray your towels after you take them out of the dryer. We recommend that you try spraying the product on a discreet area of the fabric before spraying on the entire surface.

Dream mist | Room spray - 60 ml
Spray in bedroom to create a calming nighttime ritual.

Intense gel - 50 ml
Lightly massage from your feet up to mid-thigh, until completely absorbed. To help relax the muscles, massage gently with circular movements. To enhance cooling sensation, store this gel in the fridge.

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