Savon artisanal lavande patchouli
Lavender & patchouli body soap

Lavender & patchouli body soap

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Format:165 g

Handmade lavender & patchouli body soap - 165 g

  • 99.75% natural origin ingredients
  • Ideal for dry and sensitive skin 
  • Made in Québec 
  • Biodegradable, vegan and gluten free

This soap combines the unique properties of soothing lavender essential and patchouli essential oils, bringing a touch of the exotic into your daily life. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin, our handmade soap is enriched with olive oil, coco oil and castor oil. 

Olive oil contains about 80% essential fatty acids and is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K which soften dry skin whilte protecting it against external aggressors like the cold. Like lavender, patchouli belongs to the family Lamiaceae which makes them the perfect pairing to create a truly beautiful synergy of benefits.

This product is considered as biodegradable according to 301D standards of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. This international statement emphasizes that this product is biodegradable in 28 days.

The soap does not contain parabens, sulfate(s), petroleum derivatives, artificial dyes or fragrances. This product is not tested on animals (certified cruelty free).

Our essence

Our promise to lavender lovers

Natural origin ingredients

No paraben, sulfate(s), artificial fragrances

Not tested on animals

A guarantee of purity and quality

Beneficial effects

Our natural origin ingredients

Nos produits partagent la même règle : ils renferment tous d’inestimables substances provenant de la nature. Nous sélectionnons ces extraits pour leurs effets naturels bénéfiques sur tout l’organisme. Chaque extrait de plante contient des principes actifs qui ont un rôle spécifique et leur association permet d’optimiser l’action de chacun d’entre eux.

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