Ensemble Tout Gourmand / Tout Gourmand gift set

Tout Gourmand gift set

39.00 $ CAD

This set contains :  

  • A lavender, orange and lemon foaming bath 250 ml 
  • A lavender, orange and lemon hand cream 50 ml 
  • A lavender, orange and lemon room scent 125 ml 

The foaming bath combines the calming benefits of lavender and the invigorating properties of citrus to soften and refresh the skin. The gentle formula made from lavender, lemon and orange essential oils perfumes the skin with a delicate citrus scent while revitalizing body and mind. 

The lavender, orange and lemon hand cream is an intensive treatment for dry hands, feet, knees and elbows. This moisturizing cream will restore the skin’s softness and suppleness through the healing virtues of the lavender, orange and lemon essential oils, grape seed oil and shea butter. This hand cream has many stimulating, purifying and moisturizing properties that help create a protective barrier against the cold and the wind, prevent skin dehydration, stimulate cell regeneration, maintain your skin’s elasticity and help to strengthen brittle nails. 

As for the room spray, an irresistible blend of heady orange and lemon and subtle lavender… together, they’re a perfect combination that you will agree is “heaven scent!” Let the fresh scent fill the rooms of your house, revitalizing your bedding and closets. The lavender, orange and lemon room spray will transport you into the world of relaxation. Let yourself be enchanted by the scent of citrus fruits in every room of your home.


Foaming bath  

When you’re running a bath, pour approximately 15 ml (1 tablespoon) into the water. 

Hand cream  

Apply a small amount of the gel cream on the skin and massage gently. Use a needed. 

Room spray  

Spray as needed to eliminate bad odours and to freshen every room.


Please refer to the ingredient list for each product of this gift set.

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