Diffuseur d'arômes et d'huiles essentielles Tripman

Tripman essential oil diffuser

55.95 $ CAD
  • Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser with multiple lighting modes 
  • Specially designed for small spaces 
  • Multiple power options (USB cable, wall adapter and power bank) 
  • Program: 5 to 8 hours nonstop. 
  • Use it with our true lavender essential oil to purify the air of your environment 

This diffuser is ideal for small spaces like the office, bathroom or camping. It creates a soothing aromatic mist and releases negative ions to purify the air.

Other characteristics of this diffuser:

  • Automatic shut-off when the water level is low or the appliance is empty. 
  • Capacity: 80 ml. 
  • Diffusing capacity: ± 200 square feets.
  • Humidification: 10 to 12 ml/h. 
  • Size: 3,875″ x 4,5″. Material: PP (plastic). 

Power options:

  • USB cable (included).
  • Wall adapter (included).
  • Power bank (not included).


1- Always remove the water if you do not use the unit. 

2- Clean with a soft cloth and a little water. 

3- Use a cotton swab and some alcohol to clean the ceramic disk. 

4- Never use detergents or abrasives to clean the device. 

5- Clean the device every 10 diffusions to maintain effectiveness.


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