Bougie de soya

Soy candle

15.00 $ CAD

Lavender soy candle - 120 g

  • Soy wax seed base with lavender essential oil 
  • 100 % natural Handmade 
  • No artificial fragrances 

The sweet scent of this soy candle refreshes the interior of your home, leaving you feeling relaxed, thanks to its main ingredient: lavender essential oil. Soy wax is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and free of derivative oils. The soothing essential oil of lavender acts against many elements like stress and anxiety.


Light the candle 10 minutes before stepping into a warm bath, then allow yourself to drift off into a state of total relaxation. Burn time for this candle is up to 24 hours. Let the candle burn for two hours before putting it out. After it cools down, cut ¼” off the wick.


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